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Dr. Mark J. Huff
Principal Investigator

Research Team

Graduate Students

Monika Mazela

Monika is a third year Ph.D. student at the University of Southern Mississippi. Monika earned her BS in psychology with an emphasis in forensic psychology from Western Illinois University. Monika’s broad research interests include eyewitness memory, false memory, and misinformation effects. 

Jacob Namias, MA
Headshot 3.jpg

Jacob is a fourth year PhD student at the University of Southern Mississippi and is working under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Huff. Previously, Jacob earned his BS in psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. Also, he has been working with the MACA lab since 2019. Jacob’s broad research interests include attentional control, elaborative encoding strategies, cognitive aging, and mindfulness.

Alexa Tringali

Alexa is a first year Ph.D. student under the guidance of Dr. Mark Huff at the University of Southern Mississippi. She earned her Bachelor's in biopsychology at Oglethorpe University. Alexa's broad research interests include false memory, working memory, and executive functioning. 

Amelia Morehead

Amelia is a first year Ph.D. student at the University of Southern Mississippi, working under the mentorship of Dr. Huff. She earned her BS in psychology from Mississippi College in 2021, after which she worked as an admin in leadership development. Amelia's research interests include neuropsychology, the development of learning strategies, and studies on the memorable elements of narration.

Undergraduate Honors Students

Actively Recruiting!

Email me for info

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Hallie Culpepper

Hallie is a senior Psychology major with a minor is Criminal Justice. Her interests include research in memory encoding and second language acquisition. She serves as the President of the Psychology Club. Hallie plans to graduate in Spring 2024.

Elize Jackson

Elize is currently a sophomore Psychology major minoring in biology. They also are a Discovery Honors student with plans to graduate with a BS in Spring 2026 and holds an interest in memory, emotions, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Taylor Barnes

Taylor is a psychology major with minors in Religious studies and Criminal Justice. She intends on attending graduate school in Criminal Justice and Administration. She is particularly interested cognitive processes relating to juvenile delinquency.

Colin Bruff

Colin is a first-year research assistant and a new Psychology major!

Post Bac Research Assistants

Joley Cameron

Joley Cameron graduated with her BS in psychology May 2023, but continues to gain experience as a research assistant. Her interest Include adolescent psychology and counseling psychology. She plans on getting her masters in the future.

Lab Alumni

Undergraduate Researchers:
   Anastasia Peach (BS; SPUR Grant, 2017)
   Alyssa Di Mauro (BS; SPUR Grant, 2018)
   Emily Stahley (Honors BS, 2018)
   Ashley Wood (BS; SPUR Grant, 2019)
   Laura Pazos (Honors BS; SPUR Grant, 2019)
   Jessica Runnels (Honors BS, 2020)
   Emily Cates (Honors BS, 2020)
   Kyla Cosentino (BS, 2020)
   Katie Hayford (BS, 2020)
   Kayla Carr (BS, 2020)
   Jacob Namias (BS, 2020)
   Cortney Sanderson (BS, 2020)
   Morgan Poulos (BS, 2020)
   Holly Estopinal (BS; SPUR Grant, 2020)
   Joseph (Landry) Smith (Honors BS; SPUR Grant, 2021)
   Trevor Perry (Honors BS, 2021)
   Mary Roth (BS, 2021)
   Isabel Stoker (BS, 2022)
   Anie Mitchell (Honors BS; SPUR Grant, 2022)

   Wryleigh Shearin-Anderson (Honors BS; SPUR Grant, 2022)
   Garima Puri  (BS, 2022; SPUR Grant, 2022)
   Cheyenne Matthews (BS, 2023)
   Peyton Poe (Honors BS, 2023)
   Ross Russell (BS, 2023)
   Colby (Aidan) Brown

Graduate Researchers:
   Matthew Gretz (MA, 2019)
   Kendal Smith (PhD, 2021)

  Nicholas Maxwell (PhD, 2022)


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