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Spring 2019 is in the books!  Lab end of the semester celebration is on the right!



2019 UGS Conference


Another great showing by the MACA lab at the annual undergraduate research conference in April! First place poster by Emily Cates and a first place talk by Landry Smith! Congratulations guys!


Congratulations to Holly Estopinal for winning a SPUR award! Way to go!



Emily Cates impresses the judges with her first place poster!


Psychonomics 2018!

Landry Smith, Kyla Cosentino, Alyssa Di Mauro, Ashley Wood, and Laura Pazos presented posters at Psychonomics in NOLA! Collectively, the lab presented 3 posters. Way to showcase the lab's research!

The lab celebration dinner is on the right!



Emily Cates, Laura Pazos, Ashley Wood, and Landry Smith pose for pictures after a successful day!


2018 UGS Conference


Excellent showing by the MACA lab at the annual undergraduate research conference in April! First place poster by Landry Smith and Kyla Cosentino and second place poster by Emily Stahly (co-advised honors student and honorary lab member)! The award was nice, but the money was nicer!

Way to go team!


Landry and Kyla wow the crowd with their 1st place poster presentation.


Alyssa Di Mauro showing off the importance of semantic priming. #SPURWINNER


Congratulations to Laura Pazos who continues to pile up the accolades! She recently was selected as the School of Psychology's Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award winner and now has also been accepted to the Summer Workshop in Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the University of Delaware!

Way to go Laura! Makin' it rain!

Emily Stahly shows off her impressive photo-shopping skills on her way to a 2nd place prize!


Laura Pazos presenting Experiment 1 of her honors thesis.


Another successful Eagle SPUR application! Alyssa Di Mauro received funding to examine semantic activation effects in mediated false memories for Fall 2018!

The lab came to support Anastasia's PHENOMENAL poster presentation at this Spring's Undergraduate Research Conference. The data were very well received! Nice work Anastasia!

Congratulations to Anastasia Peach who recently won an Eagle SPUR grant to complete her project on processing effects on false memories for older adults!!!! Way to go!!!

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